Why Patron Project?

Animal charities the world over do incredible work on our behalf to reduce the suffering of animals that have been cast aside by society. Others produce trained animals that help the marginalised in our society while others still work tirelessly to promote the better welfare of the animals in our charge. While their roles and indeed clients may differ, all these charities have one thing in common – they are cash-starved. Lacking any real financial aid from governments, large amounts of valuable time and resources are necessarily redirected to try gather funds and keep the lights on. This is an accepted as much as it is unacceptable reality of these groups today. The Patron Project is going to change this with a new, beautifully simple but utterly transformative way of shopping online.

The Patron Project is the very definition of conscious consumption, enabling people to purchase the finest foods for their pet while at the same time doing their bit for charity. Now, instead of shopping online with a faceless multinational, the profit from each and every purchase (average 20% of each sale) goes directly to your charity of choice. You become your favourite charity’s invaluable cash sponsor and patron. Asides getting better quality pet food, nothing changes for you or your pet but everything changes for the clients in their care.

How Does Patron Project Work?

  • You the patron nominates a charity to Patron Project. We upload that charity to our site.
  • Approx 20% of purchases made through the charity’s tab are automatically sent to that charity each month.
  • Zero operational effort is required of the charity. Orders are handled and fulfilled by us. There is no outlay or managing of stock, no fulfillment, no delivery concerns. Nothing.
  • An added option exists where patron products may be uploaded directly to the charity’s online shop, quick and easy, with all orders handled by us. They benefit by keeping traffic on their page and doing their own promotion to their followers. 

About Patron Pet Food

While the Patron Project will enable and encourage the sale of any and all pet food brands that wish to join the initiative, we are releasing our own range of foods, Patron Pet Food, that will be sold exclusively by pet rescues and charities. Patron Pet Food’s initial offerings include a range of the finest low to zero carbohydrate based kibbles and treats for both dogs and cats. In 2019 we will be greatly expanding this range to include a range of supplements as well as our own premium range of ethical, organic, raw dog food. 

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