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How it works

  • We connect to your database of products to synchronize all product imagery, descriptions and availability to your authorised re-sellers
  • Re-sellers (existing and new) request authorization from you to feature and sell your products in their online shop
  • You can allow access to all or part of your range to each re-seller
  • When a sale occurs in the re-seller online shop, the payment is allocated  automatically to you and the re-seller at the same time
  • The order is processed and delivered by you, or your fulfillment agent
  • You are kept updated at all times on customer orders and deliveries

Why it works

  • You maximise your product profile online by making it easy for advocates and resellers to feature and promote your range in their online shops
  • You control your product branding and can set minimum RRP 
  • You optimize stock availability to the entire market sector
  • Its affordable for everyone


  • How does product pricing and margin allocation work?  Answer
  • Who pays for delivery? Answer
  • How many re-sellers can I work with? Answer
  • What happens if a product is out of stock? Answer
  • What happens if a customer wants to return a product? Answer
  • How do I control stock levels? Answer
  • What does it cost?Answer
  • How do I join? Answer


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