The finest pet food
exclusive to animal charities

Patron Pet food offers a large range of tasty, natural, low or zero carbohydrate kibbles. Using good quality meat, power additions and no fancy branding or middle men, our products guarantee real value for money. Better still, 17-22% of each purchase goes to your charity of choice. All our products are based on the following principles:

High Meat Content

Freshly-prepared meat is always the first ingredient

Low-Temperature Cooking

Unique fresh-trusion process means cooking 90oC

EU Sourced Meat

We largely use UK meats and will never source beyond EU

No Grain Ever

Instead of wheat, corn and rice we use sweet potato

Power Additions

We add a mix of stock, fruit, veg, omega 3 and prebiotics to our mixes

No Nasty Stuff

No artificial anything and preserved naturally

No Faff, More to Charity

No marketing and middle-men means better food and 17-22% to charity

Compostable Packaging

No more plastic. All our bags are 100% compostable

Nothing Hidden

No BS promise. We don't say "dried" we say meat meal. We even list our carbs!

Choose which range you prefer - 55% or 80% meat

  • No grain, sweet potato used instead
  • 50% meat, with real meat as first ingredient
  • 17-22% to your charity of choice
  • 80% meat with real meat as first ingredient
  • 20% veg, fruit and power additions
  • 17% to your charity of choice

Ethical, organic raw dog food coming early 2019, formulated and approved by Dr. Conor Brady of Dogs First!

Dr. Conor Brady recommends Patron Pet Food

Good food is central to health, well being and happiness. For dogs and cats this means a diet containing lots of fresh meat. So, if using dry food, you need to look carefully at the ingredients – what are you actually paying for? You want lots of real meat, cooked as gently as possible, less of the filler and all as natural as possible. Patron Pet Food ticks a lot of those boxes, particularly their 80:20. From this humble start, I can teach you all the bits you can add in on top to make their meal as nutritious as possible, all the time edging you towards the pinnacle, and that is raw feeding. 

Dr. Conor Brady

Dogs first ltd.

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