The finest pet food
exclusive to animal charities

Patron Pet food offers a large range of tasty, natural, low or zero carbohydrate kibbles. Using good quality meat, power additions and no fancy branding or middle men, our products guarantee real value for money. Better still, 17-22% of each purchase goes to your charity of choice. All our products are based on the following principles:

High Meat Content

Freshly-prepared meat is always the first ingredient

Low-Temperature Cooking

Unique fresh-trusion process means cooking 90oC

EU Sourced Meat

We largely use UK meats and will never source beyond EU

No Grain Ever

Instead of wheat, corn and rice we use sweet potato

Power Additions

We add a mix of stock, fruit, veg, omega 3 and prebiotics to our mixes

No Nasty Stuff

No artificial anything and preserved naturally

No Faff, More to Charity

No marketing and middle-men means better food and 17-22% to charity

Compostable Packaging

No more plastic. All our bags are 100% compostable

Nothing Hidden

No BS promise. We don't say "dried" we say meat meal. We even list our carbs!

Choose which range you prefer - 55% or 80% meat...

  • No grain, sweet potato used instead
  • 50% meat, with real meat as first ingredient
  • 17-22% to your charity of choice
  • 80% meat with real meat as first ingredient
  • 20% veg, fruit and power additions
  • 17% to your charity of choice

Ethical, organic raw dog food coming early 2019, formulated and approved by Dr. Conor Brady of Dogs First!

We believe the best way to eat, you or them, is as naturally as possible and more and more pet owners clearly agree. The natural pet food market today is seeing the fastest growth. Figures from GFK data analysts in 2017 show that grain-free now accounts for 15% of the UK’s total £940m dog food spend. The fact is rapidly digested cereals like wheat, corn and rice are not recommended for meat eaters. Of all of these, wheat is the worst as it contains gluten and it is the chief culprit for recurring skin, ear and gut conditions in pets today. Unfortunately, studies show that many dry foods that do not have wheat on the label are contaminated with wheat gluten (REF), largely as they are all made in the same factory. We do not have have wheat (or barley) in our factory so we can assure you we are not among these products.

  • Contains real, freshly prepared meat, cooked gently to preserve quality
  • Less carbohydrates than rival grain-frees​
  • Unique brand and no middle men = more competitively priced foods
  • Higher quality protein means better skin and coats
  • No grain for fewer food sensitivities​
  • Added prebiotics results in better digestion and less waste
  • Beneficial additions to boost joint & gut health
  • Natural, no nasty chemicals for better health and behaviour
  • Large range, shipped straight from manufacturer ensuring freshness​
  • 20% of each sale goes to your charity of choice​

Because they want meat, our grain-free products boast higher meat contents than most of our rivals. Moreover, we use lots of real meat. The photographs of the meat ingredients you see were taken by Dr. Conor Brady. Our processing technique, which we call fresh-trusion (give us a break, the machine is extremely expensive!) is a one of a kind machine in the UK. It enables us to make kibble with real, fresh meat as the number one ingredient, meat which we cook at a more gentle 90 degrees celsius, retaining as much as the meat quality as possible for your pet. Hence the taurine content, a vital protein for meat eaters, of our food is high.

More importantly, we use significantly less meat meal than most rivals. Meat meal is the protein that comes from a rendering plant and it by no means compares nutritionally to fresh meat, despite what lesser pet food manufacturers might tell you. One of the big problems with meat meal is origin – where did it come from? We only use meat meal arising from European animals and plants. This is crucial from a quality, chemical and welfare perspective. European rendering plants are not permitted to use hazardous meat waste in it’s process. Meat meal is an excellent binder and you literally cannot make kibble without it. We include it at a 26% inclusion rate to this end.

As meat eaters, cats and dogs do not require carbohydrates in their diet. While both animals are capable at digesting carbs in their diet, if you are using them you should go easy and only use whole carbohydrates that are slow-to-digest. Hence we use sweet potato or oats. But why use carbs at all? Well, for years they have formed the basis of most dry pet foods as they are cheap compared to actual meat, increasing profits for the manufacturers. We use some slow to digest carbs in our grain-frees for two main reasons – it helps with the extrusion process (you have to use carbs or meat meal, both have their advantages and disadvantages) and it enables us to put out a good quality product at a more affordable price. However, we also have a carb-free range there too, should you prefer.

Added to each grain free is a mix of the best veg, herb and berry additions that contain a variety of phytonutrients, as well as some extra fancy ingredients like meat and veg stock and salmon oil, which fuel lush skin and coats. We avoid any and all nasty chemical preservatives by preserve naturally using rosemary and vitamin E (tocopherols). The result is a extra-meaty, nutritious grain free kibble which is as natural as we can make it.

Everything we add is on the label. There is nothing hidden. For example, we’re the only dry food we know that states the carbohydrate content on there. We have nothing to hide. Quite the opposite. We want you to compare our meat and carb contents to our rivals. This is how you measure the true value of your purchase. Why waste money on a big bag of rice?!

Our sole aim is to put out great quality dry food at a competitive price. In fact, when you compare our offerings to rival grain-frees, we are not only competitive but more affordable for the large part. We manage this by making this product a B-C offering, business-client. No middle men. No distributors. No wholesalers. No reps. No shops. No fancy marketing nonsense. By using Hubsku technology, you the customer can buy straight from your animal shelter / charity of choice, they get the lions share of the profit and the manufacturer sends it straight out from their factory, as quick and as fresh as you please.

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